The most common question I get asked by people starting mobile device projects is “which apps to use?” I don’t think there is a definitive answer to this but I would say that there are key types of work that apps support. I will post new app ideas on a regular basis here and try to begin each post with a quick overview of how the app supports learning before going into examples of how it has ben used.

Production or consumption?

One thing that you will probably notice about the apps featured on here is that the most used apps are the ones that are empty of content. The children use the devices to produce work and need apps that allow them to hoover up information: photos, videos, text, web etc then use that information to produce work. In doing so they begin to construct their own ideas about the world and also show what they know, often through a very creative process. Producing your work as a Strip Design is not just a gimmick it allows you (but not forces you, so the teacher must guide children..) to think carefully about how the information is presented, what is the hierarchy of focus, choice of image/language and so. There are far more possibilities to creating an information type text about roman warfare on Strip Design than doing it in an exercise book yet the children are far more keen to do it.


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