Not just me

Just a quick post:

One of our primaries, Badger Hill, borrowed a small set of pods (7) for a specific visit around the town where they live. They wanted to then present the information to the local councillors. They were year 3 children with no previous experience of using the devices (well not in school anyway!). I got this short email from the teacher at the weekend:

Pods are fab! we’ve been using them for self and peer assessment in talk for writing in the form of presentations. Children are orally rehearsing informative recount for the local council meeting about the good and bad things they discovered from their research around Brotton. The best three have been chosen to attend the actual council meeting with their suggestions for improvement. Every child will be perfecting their presentation then putting them in writing. Even the shyest children have lost their inhibitions in front of the video. Its really opened my eyes on their potential in daily classroom life.

Sorry for babbling we are just having such a ball!

So that went well then! I think it is a further example of how the devices immediately integrate into a classroom situation and immediately support the key learning outcomes that were being taught anyway. The difference sems to be that the children do more and of better quality, partly because of the motivating factor of using shiny kit and partly because of how it supports the learner to learn.


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