Recording history

What a fab day with Zetland Primary school.


The Year 6 class have been doing lots of work with the regeneration team here in Redcar and Cleveland and today they were given the opportunity to bury a Time Capsule beneath one of the iconic buildings that the council has been building.
The Hub is a striking new addition to the Redcar seafront and aims to house digital, innovative businesses when it opens next year. The children have been working for several weeks to decide what they will put in the capsule and today was the big day. Alongside dignitaries from the council and the contractors who worked to get the building from concept to reality, the children were very much part of the ceremony. You can hear what they buried and why by using this QR code:

We aimed to use the iPods to record the day. One thing that often happens when children go on school trips is that they use digital cameras to record everything. From experience I find that you end up with sd cards full of photos. What I wanted the children to do today was focus their capturing (or data hoovering as previous readers of this blog will recognise), capturing with purpose if you like. So I briefed the children before we went, they were asked to create a four cell strip design that would give them four photos to take at significant moments. Furthermore they were expected to put a text box on each picture at the time of taking it, something that they could edit when they got back to school. In practice this worked really well and the children actually spent the time when they were waiting to go to the regeneration centre to start adding more detail to their annotation.
So, asking them to focus on the key moments of what they were part of really focussed the work that they produced and gave them an excellent starting point to develop their writing about the event. In a wider sense it is like asking the children to read a text with a particular focus in mind, they were simply reading the situation with a focus in mind. They will be adding their work to their own blog in the next few days and I will link to it then.
Much of their work is also going to be accessed via QR codes that will be dotted around the outside of the building area for the foreseeable future.


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