Collaborative Working Part II

Not quite “tomorrow” as the first post suggested but…

Home is where the learning is

Both teachers who have been using the devices in a one to one situation concurred that much of the impact of them was a result of being them being taken home. Children came to lessons “knowing” the apps so the focus of the lesson was on the output, the reason the app was used rather than how to use it. It also allowed children to spend more time on a piece of work, often sending in multiple drafts over  few days as they returned to what they had done (often because they had gone round Gran’s house to show them and had then added a bit, as an example). Allied to that was the use of games to teach key skills. Squeebles is a fantastic app that children in all the schools we work with seem to love – and it is basically a times tables drill (there are also other operation versions available too). Both teachers report that they still do drills in school but children are moving on dramatically as they are choosing to do more when they are out of lessons because ether are just games. Super 7 was also praised as a way of sharpening mental skills. The teacher who had loaned the pods for a half term reported on one girl who would refuse to do work generally and something like Times Tables practice was a complete waste of time for her…yet after half a term of using Squeebles she was turned onto maths suddenly and had made it through most of the levels. It was reflected in an improvement in her general attitude towards school.

More soon…


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