Launching in Style

Had a wonderful morning with the parents and children from Year 4 at Normanby. This time of year the children are issued with their new device (iPods again this year as the weapon of choice) and usually the parents come in and sign for it in school. Carl the Headteacher wanted to do something a little more special this year and it was arranged for the process to happen at the Apple store in the Metro Centre. This also helps with creating accounts for each family as you can only do a very small number from one location but the Apple store has the ability to create as many as it likes.
We received a very warm welcome from the team there and it was lovely to see that they weren’t just going to help set up the accounts, they also played some games with the children and gave out various prizes.

The children’s devices were actually given out yesterday with the school image on them and the children today created a family account with a parent to allow them to overlay personal apps, music and so on. Not every parent could make it but they will be given a help guide to show them how to create an ID (particularly with no credit/debit card attached:!846).

There is also support in school to help create the accounts if parents don’t feel confident.

This layered approach to images on the device (se the How To section) is going to be rolled out across the other schools we have working with 1:1 devices as their Y4’s receive their devices. We will monitor this way of working carefully and use the blog to highlight what works well and what comes up as an issue as they arise over the coming years


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