QR trails

Having had a week away from the school I was eager to try and follow up on the story trails that they had begun to write a fortnight ago. The teacher had certainly kept is eye on the ball and the children had made decent pictures to “Morfo-ise”. One lad had even made an avatar in WeeMee and then drawn it on paper. Today’s main task was therefore to get the Morfo story snippets uploaded and connected to QR codes.

The process that we have employed is to use the free web space associated with the Microsoft 365 mail service that teachers and, where requested, students in our LA have got. It allows 7Gb of storage which can be private, accessed by named individuals or even made public. By uploading our Morfos to hat space, we can make them public and then create a QR code. It isn’t as straightforward as that though. The Skydrive app (Skydrive is the name for this storage area on the account) has never managed to upload a file for me from an iOS device. So to circumnavigate this issue the children emailed their Morfos to themselves (the generic accounts they’re using for this project that are set up as the mail app on he devices). Once emailed they then open the mail account on a computer, download the pics to the hard drive then upload hem to the skydrive. It is a bit of a long winded workaround but it is the solution that works. Many of the children found the process complicated and got “lost” half way through even with very clear steps written on the board to refer to. However, with some support (both from teachers and one or two of the lads who really got the process clear in their heads), all the children managed to get their Morfos uploaded and linked to a QR code. I can only suggest that with a couple of repetitions of the process through further tasks the children will feel comfortable with the steps that they must go through…we shall see. I have include below a complete set of codes from one child. I must admit I haven’t actually scanned each one myself before posting hem but this blog seeks to be open and honest about what works and what doesn’t so have a look and see how he did as his first attempt.

Right, I’ve now had a look at the codes posted and made sure they were the right ones from a complete set. As a story they work, they are continuous, however as a successful outcome of the task they need work.

The children either made avatars in WeeMee or drew, then photographed them. This is fine and in this case the character fits, however in most of the examples they created the character was in no way connected to the story, which I think would need addressing in future work. It adds a whole level of character focus that a traditional story doesn’t get to do, focussing on the narrator themselves.

Also, out of the nine stories that we created only one adds a line at the end of each video as to the location of the next code. I think when planning this work in future we will start with a map of the school or a planning sheet that identifies the last line of each part of the story (which says where to go next) before writing each part. If we don’t make that a focus, what is the point of doing it as a trail? Obviously, the children have not had chance to review these trails themselves and hopefully they will identify some of the problems as well. I think it is also important to make sure that telling the story is the important bit, not the adding of funny voices which make it impossible to hear what is going on.

This was their first real attempt though so I am not at all unhappy with the outcome, a major part of learning is to review what has been done and improve it with the guidance of the teacher and this really focusses the writer on how the audience will react to their writing.


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