Look, no wires!

Every year I end up putting my media support cap on and helping a school do an end of Y6 project based around their time in school in the form of a short film. These have been in the form of spoof “Day in the Life” documentaries, tear jerking memories around school, Big Brother style production and so on. This year the school who have got in first are currently loaning one of the sets of iPads. I went in today to get the children planning how their production will take shape, what they need to do, how they plan and so on.

The children didn’t actually use an iPad today as we looked at some examples from previous years and then came up with the plan to work on. What I did do was talk about filming on an iPad, do and don’ts, a quick view of how iMovie works and some work around shot types. In the context of this project time is very tight but it is essential to educate children around film language and style as an integral part of their literacy. We focussed on basic narrative, what makes a story work and how that translates into what makes a film narrative work. As a starter for 10 I introduced them to establishing shots, two-shots and point of view shots. I also demonstrated how to edit a conversation into two filmed parts using iMovie and my lovely little projector output lead on my iPad. I am finding this invaluable when demonstrating key pieces of software or more usually how I am structuring a piece of work as an example. The Apple TV is making that possible wirelessly here at the Centre but obviously that isn’t possible in many schools yet as only a few have the Cisco system set up to allow it.

I will be back into the school in a couple of weeks to fine tune the storyboards and scripts then hopefully film the set pieces.


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