Story Trails

The QR work with gifted and talented lads from one of our primaries has had a few interruptions but has continued well. The lads are fully able to use the qr generator and understand the idea of hosting the media that the codes point to in the cloud. So we can now use this knowledge to create some interesting tasks. The picture above shows good old pencil and paper. These are the story notes and plans for a four part story (based on a traditional tale or completely imaginary) that the children will read out via a character created on Morfo. A qr code will be generated to point to each Morfo (hosted on the children’s Skydrive) which will form a four part set. The children have planned where the codes will be laid around school so that somebody can follow them to follow the story. To make this possible they have included a direction at the end of each part of the story. So, for example, at the end of the first Morfo the character may say, “Now go to the bench on the quiet area for the next part of the story.”

Once the stories are complete the children will be asked to accompany some Year 1 children around the “story course” to evaluate how well the story worked (too long, too short, not descriptive enough?). This will inform the next task that they will be asked to do which will be based around a multiple choice story. School has a PD day next week so we won’t find out the results of this task until then.


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