Storyrobe allows gives a purpose for writing. Essentially it allows you to create a sequence of pictures or videos (direct from the camera or saved on the camera roll) and add a voice over. This offers a huge range of possibilities for sequencing ideas, recording a learning journey, demonstrating learning or even simply telling a story. The most effective use seems to be when the children have a clear idea of why they are making the video, particularly in respect of who the audience is. In fact any task I give using Storyrobe begins with identification of the audience. By doing that we can focus on genre features more effectively and even identify examples of the genre to gain further understanding from. Quality Storyrobes are also clearly scripted. It is perfectly possible to narrate off the top of your head but children quickly realise that the scripting is an important aspect of the process. We have found that children who often “don’t like writing” are happy to script these sorts of projects.

Storyrobe has ben extensively used in EYFS as it is so simple to use, for example I saw a lesson where a children used it to record each stage of making a small compost heap in a bottle. It was fascinating to watch 5 year olds have to review the steps of the process (via the photos), thus reinforcing the learning involved in the activity, and then rehearse sentences (they didn’t write them) to describe what was happening. The teacher ensured that the children were using particular sentence starters and it was clear that this was a further application of work that had been done previously.

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