Mental Note

Mental Note

The device is used by children in two particularly effective ways. The first is as a data hoover, taking in text, images, or sound then allowing the children to play around with them, restructuring them, helping them to understand what the information is telling them. The device also acts as a second brain allowing the children to store key information that they could easily forget and retrieve it easily whenever they need it. Mental Note is an ideal tool for doing this very simply. Children can type in it, freehand draw or write and  insert pictures (from the camera or from the camera roll). It also has a sound recorder feature. I would say that the children in most classrooms that we work with use Mental Note as their killer app more than any other. The simple tagging system allows children to organise their work in a simple way too. This isn’t essential (but helps aid structuring of ideas) as the search tool is very effective at looking for a keyword in all the notes the children have ever written.

Children use this app for taking notes, playing around with sentences, writing longer pieces of work, annotating photos with explanations and saving wordbanks personal to each child that will improve their writing.


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