The joy of giving…

Just been working at one of our primaries on the roll out of iPod touches for Year 4’s after the half term. We have been working very hard to ensure that we buy apps legally and deploy them effectively. We know that this process is not straightforward at this moment in time and have been very helpful in supporting workarounds to ensure that we keep honest!

So we have created a school image today of apps that the school has bought for the children. This image is created on a brand new iPod. That iPod is then backed up to the Mac running the imaging. Now the rest of the iPods can be plugged into that Mac and built from its image. The problem has always been that it was impossible to buy an app more than once. Apple have helped us to get round that by suggesting using multiple gifting as a way of buying as many copies as you need of the app. It worked well in practice today.

Once the devices have the school bought image on them they will be given to the children and parents (after signing the appropriate acceptable agreement forms) and will be shown how to create a family account that will sit on the device as well. This will allow personalisation, bought books, music etc to be downloaded at the parents’ discretion. This will of course still sit under the AUP about appropriate content etc. I’m sure there will be occasional incidents over the year of devices with stuff on them that the school would not approve of but the systems are in place to deal with that effectively.

The school are hoping to launch the devices with this year’s parents at the nearest Apple store since they have been used as a showcase school by Apple such a lot.


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