Making the Links

Had a great day working with some children from a primary. I will be with them each Friday for the whole of this half term to experiment with using QR codes to stimulate writing. Our little of group of 9 boys, from Y3-5 are using ipods and laptops to create qr codes that can be used for stories or information. Last Friday was the second week and was the first opportunity for the children to make their own based on an object that they had created. They were shown how to use Morfo and made some very quick video clips. We talked around why videoing ourselves might not be appropriate and I was very impressed with their understanding of what the implications are of posting images of yourself to the web. Soooo, they made the video clips, uploaded them to their skydrives and then used to create the qrs. Despite a few issues over access to the skydrive, most of the children achieved the task.

Seems a bit pointless (if you scan the example – what use is that!!!?). But it shows how easily we can make objects, creatures, famous people come to life and “play” with the children. The best example I have done so far is with another school where the children used qr codes to navigate around the National Railway Museum in York (free WiFi – hooray!):

The virtual guide kept the children on task for hours. We are aiming to move this on at the school in the coming weeks with a story written in several parts, each part revealing where the next code will be in the school grounds. They have outside wifi which is a massive bonus. Will post as we make further progress.